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What to do in Lisbon on a Rainy Day – My Top 18 Attractions

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I’ve curated a list of 18 fantastic activities perfect for a rainy day in Lisbon, ensuring you won’t miss out on the city’s charm, regardless of the weather.

The city is teeming with exciting options, from cultural museum experiences to lively indoor eateries. 

So, grab your umbrella and explore what to do in Lisbon on a rainy day, diving into the vibrant life of the city, even when the skies are gray.

And if you think I’ve missed a must-see spot, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below!

Top Tip: To enhance your exploration experience, I've compiled this curated list of must-visit rainy day attractions and saved it on Google Maps just for you. 
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This way, you can easily access and refer back to these top spots anytime during your adventure. 

Quake – Lisbon Earthquake Museum 

Quake Museum Entrance
Quake Museum Entrance

My visit to QUAKE, the Lisbon Earthquake Museum, was nothing short of extraordinary, offering a unique and immersive experience that delved deep into the history of the city and the science of earthquakes. 

This interactive journey offered a thorough educational experience about the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake, immersing me in a historical time travel where I could stroll through the streets of that period, surrounded by the authentic scents and sounds.

With your entry ticket (approx €18), you gain access to a world of exploration, including two earthquake simulators, a 4D immersive experience, and 10 thematic rooms filled with information available in four languages.

Despite its recent opening in 2022, QUAKE has quickly established itself as a must-visit attraction in Lisbon.

The museum brilliantly combines a wealth of information, a compelling narrative, and cutting-edge technology, enhanced by the exceptional talent of the voice actors, to create a powerful storytelling experience. It felt like being in an escape room, completely engrossed in the experience.

I’ve decided not to post too many pictures of the interior to keep the experience a surprise for future visitors, but believe me when I say, it is an absolute must-visit. 

A sneak peek of the Quake Interior
A sneak peek of the Quake Interior

The staff at QUAKE are both professional and knowledgeable, ensuring that visitors are fully engaged. 

The experience is certainly worth both the price and the time commitment of 1.5 hours.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this incredible attraction and gain a deeper understanding of Lisbon’s history and the science of earthquakes.

It is appropriate for children aged 6 and above, and is also accessible to those using wheelchairs.

Top Tip: For a convenient and enjoyable journey from central Lisbon to Belem, where you'll find the Quake Museum, consider using a Whoosh e-scooter. 
Glide smoothly along the path by the Tagus River and take in the sights at your own pace. 
In my experience, Whoosh offers the most comfortable e-scooters, and you can get a day pass for just €5!

To secure your spot for the QUAKE experience, you can conveniently book your ticket online through the following link: Book Your QUAKE Ticket.

Ensure you don’t miss out on this immersive journey by reserving your ticket in advance!

For more information visit

Google Maps Location: R. Cais de Alfândega Velha 39, 1300-598 Lisboa, Portugal

Open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Escape Rooms Game Over

Inside the Saw Room at Escape Rooms Game Over
Inside the Saw Room at Escape Rooms Game Over

Start your adventure on a rainy day with an exciting escape room challenge! Engage in solving intricate puzzles, deciphering codes, and collaborating with your team to escape before your time is up.

This escape room holds the top spot on Google ratings in Lisbon and features two venues in Bairro Alto and Santa Clara. Bairro Alto allows for up to 6 players per room, while Santa Clara can accommodate up to 7 players per room.

Each venue presents a selection of 6 meticulously crafted and themed rooms, with “The Walking Death” and “Jack the Ripper” being particularly popular among participants.

I personally visited this escape room for the first time with a group of friends, choosing the “SAW” room at the Bairro Alto location.

The room designs at Escape Rooms Game Over are incredible!
The room designs at Escape Rooms Game Over are incredible!

The experience was phenomenal, filled with intriguing enigmas and a thrilling atmosphere that provided just the right amount of scare.

For families looking for an adventure, the “Temple” room is a fantastic choice. I experienced this room with my little brother, and it was an absolute hit.

I am eager to return for a third visit, especially to try out the “Walking Death” room, which comes highly recommended by the owner as the scariest option available.

For the latest opening times, prices, and more information visit:

Bairro Alto Google Maps Location: Rua de O Século 4B, 1200-435 Lisboa, Portugal

Top Tip: If you're considering visiting several of the attractions, the Lisbon Card could be a game-changer for you. 
It offers free public transportation throughout Lisbon, as well as complimentary entry and discounts at 38 different city attractions. 
Take a moment to check it out and see if it suits your travel needs!

Pastel de Nata Workshop

Hands on at the Pastel de Nata Workshop
Hands on at the Pastel de Nata Workshop

When you’re in Lisbon, you’ve just got to try a pastel de nata – they’re a real treat! But hey, why not take it up a notch and learn how to make them yourself? 

Joining a workshop can be a super fun way to dive into the local culture, and the best part? You get to munch on your own creations when the class wraps up. Plus, you’ll pick up a cool new skill to show off to your friends and family when you get back home.

There’s this amazing Pastel de Nata workshop at an award-winning Portuguese bakery. You’ll get to work with João, a fantastic baker who knows his stuff. He’ll walk you through the whole process, share some awesome baking stories, and answer any questions you’ve got.

Whether you’re a baking newbie or a seasoned pro, you’re going to love it. And did I mention? There’s bottled water and coffee included, and you get to enjoy three freshly-made Pastéis de Nata right out of the oven – or you can take them home if you prefer.

Want to know more? Check out the Pastel de Nata Workshop at REAL Bakery right here: Learn to Make Pastel de Nata

Alternatively, if you prefer the comfort of your own kitchen, I’ve got a fantastic Pastel de Nata recipe that I’ve personally tried and loved. You can find it here: Portuguese Custard Tarts – Pasteis de Nata Recipe

Dine Out: Ramiro or Kerala Restaurant?

The amazing Masala Dosas at Kerala Restaurant in Lisbon
The amazing Masala Dosas at Kerala Restaurant in Lisbon

Lisbon’s culinary landscape is a treasure trove of delights, and I have two favorite spots that stand out, especially on a rainy day. First up is Ramiro, a haven for seafood lovers, offering a feast of fresh and flavorful dishes. 

On the other hand, Kerala Restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in the aromatic world of Indian cuisine. Both establishments provide a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for enjoying a hearty meal as the rain gently falls outside.

Curious to know more? I’ve delved into the unique offerings of both Ramiro and Kerala Restaurant in separate posts.

Feel free to check them out and decide which one tantalizes your taste buds the most!

Here are the links to guide you: Best Indian Restaurant in Lisbon and 9 Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon.

Wine Tasting

Vino Vero offers an extended veranda and indoor seating during rain.
Vino Vero offers an extended veranda and indoor seating during rain.

For wine lovers, Lisbon is has so many options. I would recommend visiting this cozy local wine bar, Vino Vero in Graca, they have a nice indoor area where you can also eat.

If you’re feeling more adventurous why not embark on a wine tasting tour and try some of Portugal’s finest wines.

Either is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon, discovering the unique characteristics of different varieties and perhaps even finding the perfect bottle to bring back home.

If you’re keen on the tour, why not try a private guided day trip to the Setúbal wine region from Lisbon, tailored just for you. 

This surprisingly affordable tour offers an excellent introduction to the exquisite wines and cheeses of this picturesque area. You’ll visit several wineries for tastings, sampling a variety of wines, and enjoy local cheeses and snacks amidst stunning landscapes. 

With your dedicated guide and vehicle, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace, ensuring a personalized experience.

For a deeper dive into this wine adventure, check out the Private Wine Tasting Tour to the Setubal Wine Region from Lisbon: Private Wine Tasting Tour to Setubal.

Fado Experience

Inside Tasca do Chico
Inside Tasca do Chico

Diving into the world of Fado is an absolute must when you’re in Lisbon, and what better time to do it than on a rainy day? It gives you the perfect excuse to be indoors and immerse yourself in this profound expression of Portuguese culture. 

Fado has been a significant part of the local heritage for centuries, captivating everyone with its soulful lyrics and passionate performances since the early 19th century.

I personally decided to experience Fado at Tasca do Chico in Bairro Alto, renowned for its authentic and intimate Fado sessions. It was a Thursday, and the queue was still incredibly long! But we decided to just go with it and join the line. 

Top Tip: There’s a place right across the road selling cocktails for €5 in large cups, perfect for enjoying while you wait 🙂

We got there at 7:30 PM and ended up queuing for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, but we made the best of it.

Once inside, the space was pretty cramped, and we started off standing at the bar. As people left their tables, those of us at the bar got the chance to sit down. The drinks weren’t cheap, but they weren’t overly expensive either. 

They do have a food menu, but it’s mostly tapas, and the only vegan options are bread and olives, so I’d recommend eating beforehand.

A guitarist and Fado singer performing at Tasca do Chico.
A guitarist and Fado singer performing at Tasca do Chico

I absolutely loved the music. The atmosphere was incredibly intimate, and we got to see both a male and a female singer, each pouring their hearts into their performances. 

They sang about three songs each, and then there was a 10-minute break for food and drink orders. The emotion in their voices made the whole experience unforgettable.

Google Maps Location: R. do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200-141 Lisboa, Portugal

To make a booking contact: +351 961 339 696

Open 7pm – 2am Sunday to Thursday & 7pm – 3am Friday & Saturday. 

Visit the Lx Factory

Ler Devagar Bookshop.
Ler Devagar Bookshop

If you’re on the hunt for something truly unique in Lisbon, LXFactory in Alcântara is the place to be. This former industrial complex has transformed into a vibrant hub for emerging designers, artists, and a showcase of Lisbon’s eclectic alternative scene.

You’ll find music filling the air from spontaneous open-air stages, and an array of cafes and quirky shops ready to captivate you for hours. It’s the perfect spot to hunt for unique souvenirs or even try your hand at workshops in ceramics and jewelry making.

And while you’re exploring LX Factory in the rain, don’t miss the chance to visit Ler Devagar, hailed as one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores. It has garnered attention from the NY Times and numerous global publications.

Dive deeper into what makes this bookstore so special by reading more here: Ler Devagar: A Literary Oasis in LX Factory.

Google Map Location: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

LX Factory Opening Times: 9:00am to 10:30pm daily.

Cinema Sao Jorge or Cinemateca Portuguesa?

The beautiful Art Deco entrance to Cinema Sao Jorge
The beautiful Art Deco entrance to Cinema Sao Jorge

Rainy days in Lisbon offer the perfect excuse for film enthusiasts to explore the city’s cinematic treasures. Cinema Sao Jorge stands out as a top destination, boasting a rich history and a diverse film selection, from mainstream hits to indie gems. You’re not just watching a movie here; you’re immersing yourself in a piece of Lisbon’s history, all while enjoying top-notch sound and projection quality. 

Plus, with engaging events like Q&A sessions with legendary figures such as Woody Allen, it’s more than just a cinema—it’s a cultural experience. And since it’s a non-profit, your ticket purchase helps preserve Lisbon’s cinematic heritage.

If you’re looking for a different flavor of cinema, Cinemateca Portuguesa is another excellent choice.

It offers an eclectic selection of films, insights into Portuguese cinema’s history, and the chance to watch a movie in one of Portugal’s oldest cinemas. Like Sao Jorge, it’s a non-profit, contributing to the preservation of Portugal’s cinematic culture.

For more information, options and to find the perfect cinema for your taste, check out my guide on the Top 4 Cinemas in Lisbon.

Google Map Location for Sao Jorge Cinema: Av. da Liberdade 175, 1250-144 Lisboa, Portugal, +351213103400, Cinema São Jorge’s website.

Google Map Location for Cinematica Portuguesa: R. Barata Salgueiro 39, 1269-059 Lisboa, Portugal, +351213596200, Cinemateca Portuguesa’s website.

Tile Painting Workshop & Museum 

Inside the National Tile Museum
Inside the National Tile Museum

Located a bit outside the city center, the Tile Museum is well worth the bus ride, especially as a charming retreat on a rainy day. Nestled in a stunning 16th-century convent, this museum stands as the only one in the world dedicated exclusively to the art of tilework, a craft that, while originating in ancient Egypt, has been embraced and innovated upon in Portugal like nowhere else.

The convent’s church is a marvel in itself, adorned with intricate Dutch tile panels, and the museum’s extensive collection showcases pieces from as far back as the 1400s right up to contemporary works. 

To reach this artistic haven, hop on bus number 759 from Restauradores Square in the city center; it’ll get you to the museum’s doorstep in about 15 to 20 minutes. Do note, however, that the museum is closed on Mondays.

And for those looking to dive even deeper into the world of Portuguese tiles, why not try the tile painting workshop and museum tour? 

Tile workshop
Tile workshop

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the history and techniques behind these stunning art pieces, and you’ll even get the chance to create your own.

For more information on the museum tour and tile painting workshop visit Tiles and Tales Tile Workshop & Private Tour.

National Tile Museum Google Maps Location: R. Me. Deus 4, 1900-312 Lisboa, Portugal

For more information visit

Open 10am – 6pm Tuesday – Sunday. Closed Monday.

Games of the West: Board Games Café

A group playing board games at Games of the West. What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day.
A group playing board games at Games of the West

Games of the West is a cozy retreat for those who love board games or just want to relax with friends. It’s a place where the walls are lined with an array of games, inviting you to discover new adventures on a rainy day.

Carolina and João are the heart of this café, offering personalized game suggestions that hit the mark every time. They’re quick to teach you the ropes, so you can jump right into play without any hassle. It’s this personal touch that makes you feel like a regular from your very first visit.

For those with a competitive streak, the café is an ideal spot to host a tournament. But it’s just as welcoming for those looking to try out a variety of games at a leisurely pace. Beyond the games, they’ve got your snacking needs sorted with a menu that expands into full meals as the evening rolls in.

The space is surprisingly spacious once you’re inside, with a friendly atmosphere that’s amplified by the staff’s welcoming nature. With an entry fee (if you want to play) that grants you access to all the fun, Games of the West turns a simple café into a playground of strategy, luck, and laughter, perfect for any rainy day in Lisbon.

Google Maps Location: Av. Marquês de Tomar 83, 1050-154 Lisboa, Portugal

For more information visit:

Opening Times: Thu: 2-8 pm, Fri-Sat: 2 pm-12 am, Sun-Mon: Closed, Tue: 2-8 pm, Wed: 2 pm-12 am.

Explore Museums

Inside the Gulbenkian museum.
Inside the Gulbenkian museum

Lisbon is a city rich with museums that span the spectrum from art and history to science and technology. On a day when the rain falls, you can wander through their halls, delve into Lisbon’s storied past, and marvel at the diverse collections of artwork. It’s an excellent opportunity to absorb some culture while staying comfortably out of the rain.

For those looking to explore, here are a couple of standout museums to consider:

Top Tip: Remember, if you're considering visiting several of these attractions, the Lisbon Card could be worthwhile. It offers free public transportation throughout Lisbon, as well as complimentary entry and discounts at 38 different city attractions, including MAAT and Gulbenkian. 

Thrift Store Shopping

Inside Sons of the Silent Age Thrift Store
Inside Sons of the Silent Age Thrift Store

Lisbon is a treasure trove of thrift stores, perfect for exploring when the sun takes a brief hiatus. To help you navigate this world of pre-loved wonders, I’ve put together a selection of standout thrift shops. Topping my list is the delightful ‘Sons of the Silent Age,’ but there’s a whole array of unique spots to discover. Dive into my top picks with ‘Top 9 Lisbon Thrift Store Gems!‘ and find your own favorites.

Trampoline Park

Inside JumpYard Lisboa
Inside JumpYard Lisboa

JumpYard Lisboa is the perfect spot for adults or families to bounce away a rainy day in Lisbon. 

This trampoline park is more than just a sea of trampolines; it’s an adventure zone complete with zip lines, climbing walls, and challenging obstacle courses. It’s a place where kids can leap around, honing their motor skills in a fun-filled environment, and adults can join in the fun too!

The park is a lively space where you can spend the day getting active. Whether you’re perfecting your flips or simply enjoying the thrill of jumping high, JumpYard has something for everyone. With an entry fee of €14 per hour for adults, they also have family deals too.

For all the details head over to JumpYard Lisboa. They’re open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Tram 28: A Scenic Ride

Tram 28
Tram 28

On a rainy day in Lisbon, Tram 28 offers a cozy escape to the city’s most picturesque quarters. This historic tram takes you on a nostalgic ride through the winding streets of Anjos, Graca, and Alfama, then through the downtown buzz of Baixa, up to the trendy Chiado, and along the charming Calçada da Estrela.

Since the 1930s, Tram 28 has been a beloved fixture of Lisbon’s transport network, cherished by locals and visitors alike. It’s not just a way to get around; it’s a mobile landmark that lets you explore Lisbon’s treasures without getting soaked. 

For just €3.50, you can hop on and off at your leisure, though be sure to grab your ticket beforehand, as they’re not sold on the tram.

Second Hand Furniture Shopping

If the rain has you searching for activities, consider embarking on a quest for a unique vintage furniture piece! To aid you in this adventure, I’ve put together a guide: The Best Second Hand Furniture Shops in Lisbon.

Surfing in Lisbon

Waves at Carcavelos
Waves at Carcavelos

When the Lisbon skies are grey and the rain is falling, it might just be the perfect time to embrace the water in a different way – by surfing. After all, you’re already set to get wet, so why not make it an adventure? The city offers a variety of indoor surfing facilities, allowing you to ride the waves without the beach.

Surfing in the rain can be a thrilling experience, especially since the waves are often at their prime during the winter months. It’s a little secret that seasoned surfers cherish, and now you’re in on it too.

If you’re new to surfing, don’t let that hold you back. Lisbon is dotted with surf schools where seasoned instructors are ready to teach you the ropes.

To find the best spots and schools, check out this article: 7 Must-Visit Surf Spots in Lisbon.

Discover Local Food Markets

Vegetable stand at Mercado de Arroios
Vegetable stand at Mercado de Arroios

If you’re looking to stock up on fresh ingredients, a rainy day is as good a time as any to visit one of Lisbon’s many food markets. The Mercado de Arroios, a favorite of mine, is a treasure trove of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat. 

It’s more than just a market; it’s a community hub surrounded by some fantastic restaurants where you can savor a meal after your shopping spree.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on Mezze, a Syrian restaurant that’s garnered rave reviews. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in some authentic flavors and warm up from the rain. 

Check out their location: Mezze at Mercado de Arroios

Karaoke Bar

Golden Vista Karaoke bar in Lisbon
Golden Vista Karaoke bar in Lisbon

Singing out the rain? In the quest for quality karaoke in Lisbon, the options seem a bit sparse. While I haven’t personally visited this spot, it appears to stand out as one of the best the city has to offer, despite a mix of reviews and a current rating of 3.9.

Check out Golden Vista, located at Docas de Santo Amaro 13, 1350-353 Lisboa, Portugal.

For directions, just follow the map: Golden Vista on Google Maps

Open Hours: Thu, Sun, Wed: 4 pm – 12 am; Fri-Sat: 4 pm – 2 am; Mon-Tue: Closed

What to do in Lisbon on a Rainy Day – Interactive Map

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your time in Lisbon, rain or shine. And if you’ve discovered any hidden gems or have tips to share that weren’t mentioned in this article, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

Note: In this post, I have only featured attractions that I personally enjoy. I’m not interested in providing an exhaustive list just for the sake of it. Therefore, don’t expect to find attractions like the Oceanarium, which I find cruel, or the Time Out Market which is an overhyped tourist trap. 

What to do in Lisbon on a Rainy Day – FAQs

Does it rain a lot in Lisbon Portugal?

Lisbon, Portugal, experiences significant rainfall, with around 100 rainy days annually. The north sees more rain than the south. Winters are wetter and cloudier, while summers are dry, with temperatures ranging from 5-10°C in winter to 30-35°C in July and August.

What is the rainiest month in Lisbon?

The rainiest month in Lisbon is typically January.

Is Lisbon a walkable city?

Lisbon is highly walkable, with many attractions within walking distance. Though do be sure to wear the correct footwear as the tiles can be slippy and uneven!

Does Lisbon have a rainy season?

Lisbon’s rainy season spans from November to February.

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