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What to Do in Lisbon at Night: A Local’s 2024 Guide

Having spent over four years living in Lisbon, near Martim Moniz, I’ve developed a keen sense of the city’s dynamic nightlife. 

This experience has inspired me to craft this article which I’ve broken down into different sections to suit your personal taste for any given evening. 

Whether you’re looking for local insights from my neighborhood or seeking adventures across the wider district and beyond, I’ve got you covered. 

Be sure to check out the table of contents below for quick navigation to the section that sparks your interest.

⭐️ Insider Tip: I’ve created a Google Maps list pinpointing all the bars, attractions and hot spots listed in this guide. To have it at your fingertips, simply save ‘What to do in Lisbon at Night List to Your Google Maps‘. Now, wherever you are in the city, the best of Lisbon is just a tap away.

What to do in Lisbon at Night

Cultural Immersion

Fado Music Experience in Bairro Alto 

Tasca do Chico
A woman performs at Tasca do Chico

In Bairro Alto, Tasca do Chico is a must-visit for an authentic Fado experience. The place is a popular spot, often with a long queue, but it’s worth the wait.

Once inside, expect a cozy, somewhat cramped space. You might start off standing at the bar, but as tables open up, you’ll likely get a seat. 

The drink prices are reasonable, neither cheap nor too expensive.

The food menu is limited, mostly tapas, with basic vegan options like bread and olives. Eating beforehand is a good idea if you have specific dietary needs.

The Fado performance is the real draw. The intimate setting allows for an up-close experience with the musicians. 

You’ll hear both male and female singers, each performing about three songs with breaks in between. 

The emotional depth of their performances is what makes a night at Tasca do Chico memorable.

Open Sunday – Thursday 7pm – 2am. Friday & Saturday 7pm – 3am. For more information visit: R. do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200-141 Lisboa, Portugal

⭐️ Insider Tip:  Directly opposite Tasca do Chico, you’ll find a spot offering €5 cocktails in sizeable cups – perfect for sipping on while you’re waiting.

If you’d rather book your Fado experience in advance then check out the top rated Fado experience rated 4.7 stars out of 5 from over 800 reviews.

While I haven’t personally tried this venue it is highly rated and incredible value with port wine included! 

Nighttime Tour

Castelo de Sao Jorge at night
Castelo de Sao Jorge at night

Lisbon’s nightlife creates a magical backdrop for nighttime walking tours. A highlight is visiting the Pantheon, also known as the Church of Santa Engrácia. This 17th-century monument, once a church, now serves as the final resting place for notable Portuguese figures.

As you enter, you’re greeted by geometric marble floors with gold accents and massive ancient stone slabs. 

The view from the top is a breathtaking panorama of Lisbon at night, offering one of the city’s highest vantage points. 

You’ll see the 16th-century area and the city’s skyline, which is particularly stunning at night, with the city lights twinkling like stars.

Tuk Tuk Tour

If walking isn’t your preference, consider the highly rated Historical Vintage Tuk Tuk Tour. The last booking is at 18:30, and it lasts for two hours. 

This tour takes you through some of Lisbon’s oldest and most characteristic neighborhoods, including the narrow streets of Bairro Alto. 

You’ll ride up to São Jorge Castle, wander through the ancient Alfama district, and feel the unique atmosphere of the Graça district, the city’s highest point. The tour also includes the bustling Chiado shopping area.

Along the way, you’ll see significant landmarks like Lisbon Cathedral and Santo António Church, the birthplace of Saint Anthony. 

Visit the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, a prime example of Mannerist architecture, and enjoy the views from the São Pedro de Alcântara lookout. 

The tour concludes with a visit to the Baroque Estrella Basilica, commissioned by Queen Maria I in honor of her son’s birth.

Gastronomic Adventures

Night Markets and Local Seafood Cuisine 

Ramiro exterior
Ramiro exterior

You might find a lot of guides suggesting the Time Out Market, and while it’s not a bad spot, Lisbon is brimming with incredible restaurants that, in my opinion, offer a more authentic experience. 

The Time Out Market can feel a bit too touristy, almost like a large canteen, and the food options there don’t always showcase the best of what Lisbon has to offer.

While the Time Out Market is worth a visit if you haven’t been there yet, I’d highly recommend delving into Lisbon’s renowned seafood scene for a more authentic culinary experience. 

A standout choice, and one even praised by Anthony Bourdain, is the famous Ramiro. This spot truly captures the essence of Lisbon’s seafood offerings and is a personal favorite of mine.

This place is all about the lively atmosphere, speedy and friendly service, and while the prices are a bit on the higher side for Lisbon, they’re absolutely worth it by European standards.

When you’re there, don’t miss out on the garlic prawns, garlic butter king langoustine, and percebes. 

Giant Langoustine at Ramiro
Giant Langoustine at Ramiro

And here’s a quirky tip: try the steak sandwich as a dessert. Yes, you heard that right – it’s a Lisbon thing!

If you happen to visit on a busy day, be prepared for some waiting time. But don’t worry, there’s a bar area where you can grab a drink and relax. 

They also have a pretty efficient ticketing system, so you’ll have a clear idea of how long the wait will be. It’s all part of the experience!

Open 12pm – 12am Tuesday – Sunday. Closed Monday. Av. Alm. Reis 1 H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal. For more information visit:

If you’d like to read more about Ramiro check out this article: 9 Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal.

Trendy & Good Value Dining in Alfama

Huge selection of wines at Agulha no Palheiro - What to do in Lisbon at night.
Huge selection of wines at Agulha no Palheiro

Alfama is brimming with dining options, but one hidden gem that really stands out is Agulha no Palheiro, or ‘Needle in a Haystack’ in English. 

True to its name, this spot is a well-kept secret, often overlooked yet highly praised with an impressive number of positive reviews. 

I had the pleasure of dining here with my girlfriend a few months back and can personally attest to its quality and exceptional service. 

They serve up some fantastic traditional Portuguese dishes, and their cocktails are a must-try. 

Just a heads-up, it’s wise to book in advance as the restaurant has only five or six tables, making it an intimate and sought-after dining experience.

Thursday – Sunday: 1–3 PM, 7–10 PM (Friday & Sunday until 10:30 PM); Wednesday: 1–3 PM, 7–11 PM; Monday & Tuesday: Closed. R. Jardim do Tabaco 3, 1100-286 Lisboa, Portugal.

Tapas and Wine Tasting Session

Vino Vero terrace at night
Vino Vero terrace at night

If you’re looking for a lively spot to enjoy some wine and tasty small plates, Vino Vero is a great option. 

They’ve got an extensive selection of natural wines that’ll impress any wine enthusiast, and their menu caters wonderfully to both vegetarians and meat lovers. 

The real charm of Vino Vero comes alive on Friday and Saturday evenings when the terrace area buzzes with energy, creating a fantastic atmosphere. 

It’s a popular spot, especially on weekends, so making a reservation in advance is a smart move to ensure you get a spot.

Open Sunday – Thursday 6pm – 1am. Friday & Saturday 6pm – 2am. Tv. do Monte 30, 1170-265 Lisboa, Portugal, For more information visit:

The Best Pizza in Lisbon

La Matta Pizza and Graca Miradouro. The perfect combination!
La Matta Pizza and Graca Miradouro. The perfect combination!

Right next to Vino Vero, you’ll find La Matta Pizzeria, home to what I believe is the best pizza in Lisbon. 

They whip up traditional Sicilian thin-crust pizzas with generous toppings that are simply irresistible. 

The service is top-notch – easily some of the best in Lisbon, with attentive staff who are always on hand to refill your drinks.

I had the Boscaiola pizza there, a delightful combination of Tomato San Marzano, Mozzarella fiordilatte, wild mushrooms, La Matta’s homemade sausage, and fresh parsley. 

And for beer enthusiasts, I recommend trying the Sicilian Ichnusa Beer – it’s creamy, light, and refreshingly different. My new favorite!

Given its popularity, La Matta can get busy, so booking ahead or arriving early is wise to avoid a 30-minute wait. 

They’re also on UberEats, perfect for those stay-at-home pizza nights.

⭐️ Insider Tip: If you fancy a stunning view with your meal, consider getting your pizza to take out and walking over to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. It’s only a 4 minute walk (uphill) and is arguably the best viewpoint in Lisbon, offering a breathtaking backdrop for enjoying your pizza.

Open Thursday to Sunday: 12–3 PM, 6–11 PM; Monday to Wednesday: 6–11 PM. Tv. do Monte 22 R/C, 1170-337 Lisboa, Portugal,

Indian Cuisine Adventure

Dosa at Kerala
Dosa at Kerala

I absolutely have to give a shout-out to my favorite Indian restaurant in Lisbon – Kerala. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there, but it never fails to impress. 

The owners are incredibly warm and welcoming, which really reflects in the top-notch service you receive.

The food at Kerala is something else – it’s the best traditional South Indian cuisine I’ve found in Lisbon. Every dish is a flavor journey, and it’s always a satisfying experience. 

I'm so fond of this place that I've even written an article about it titled The Best Indian Restaurant in Lisbon. 

If you’re curious to know more about Kerala and why it stands out, be sure to check out the article!

Thu-Fri: 12-3 PM, 7-10:30 PM; Sat: 12-3 PM, 7-8:30 PM; Sun: 12-3 PM, 7-10:30 PM; Tue-Wed: 12-3 PM, 7-10:30 PM; Mon: Closed. R. Passos Manuel 14, 1150-260 Lisboa, Portugal, For more information visit:

Nightlife and Entertainment

Bar Hopping on Pink Street

Pink street at night
Pink street at night

If you’re in the mood for a lively and spirited night out, Pink Street is your go-to destination in Lisbon. Known for its iconic pink-colored pavement, Pink Street is more than just a street – it’s a bustling hub of nightlife and entertainment. 

This area is famous for its dynamic atmosphere and is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Lisbon’s vibrant night scene. 

Pink Street is lined with various bars and clubs, but one standout venue I’d really recommend checking out is Pensão Amor.  Located in what used to be a brothel in the red light district, its name translates to “pension of love,” and it certainly retains the character of its past. 

The decor is a fascinating mix of its bordello heritage, complete with red wallpaper and ceilings adorned with images of frolicking naked men.

The bar is an eclectic blend of seductive photographs, quirky trinkets, elegant chandeliers, draped fabrics, and plush velvety chairs, creating a unique and memorable ambiance.

Wed-Sun, Mon-Tue: 12 PM-3 AM; Thu-Sat: 12 PM-4 AM, R. do Alecrim 19, 1200-292 Lisboa, Portugal, for more information visit

Pub Crawl through Bairro Alto

Barrio Alto Party scene at night
Barrio Alto Party scene at night

Besides Pink Street, another hotspot in Lisbon is Bairro Alto, especially on weekends and during special events or festivals. 

This area buzzes with an incredible party vibe. For solo travelers or those keen to meet new people, joining a pub crawl in Bairro Alto is a fantastic idea. 

This neighborhood is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and charming, winding streets. It’s an experience that speaks for itself! 🙂

Sipping Ginjinha in Baixa

Ginjinha bar in Baixa
Ginjinha bar in Baixa

I recently had the chance to visit A Ginjinha bar in Baixa, and it was an experience I’d highly recommend for anyone wanting to taste the famous local cherry liqueur. 

The queues can be long, but don’t worry about the line, the staff are incredibly efficient, the short wait is absolutely worth it. 

If you’re in a larger group, say 6-8 people, consider getting the 1-liter bottle – it’s a great deal and super affordable.

Just remember to bring cash, but it won’t set you back much – I paid €1.50 for a shot. 

And a word of caution – if you decide to eat the cherry in the drink, be prepared; it’s strong but delicious.

Open 9am – 10pm. Largo São Domingos 8, 1100-201 Lisboa, Portugal,

Casa Independente

One of the rooms at Casa Independente
One of the rooms at Casa Independente

This spot near Anjos Metro is one of my favorite bars and clubs, thanks to interesting variety of events, quirky interior and ample space, both indoors and outdoors. 

There are several rooms to discover inside, each with its own unique vibe. 

For an extra special visit, be sure to see if there are any live events happening during your time there.

Thu, Mon-Wed: 5 PM-12 AM; Fri-Sat: 5 PM-2 AM; Sun: Closed. Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45, 1100-285 Lisboa, Portugal,

⭐️ Insider Tip: For discovering live events, is an excellent resource.

Unique Night Experiences

Sunset Sailing on the Tagus River

Upon first moving to Lisbon, I decided to try out the much-talked-about sunset cruise, and I’m happy to report that it absolutely lived up to its glowing reviews. 

The cruise lasted for two hours, during which the staff were incredibly friendly and the sunset views were truly breathtaking. 

The only minor drawback was that the beverage options were limited to just beer and white wine. You can check availability below. 

Enjoy Sunset Views from Key Locations

Viewpoint of Miradouro Da Senhorado Monte
Viewpoint of Miradouro Da Senhorado Monte

In my opinion, the best viewpoint in Lisbon is Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. It offers a stunning panoramic view of downtown Lisbon, the Tagus River, and The 25 de Abril Bridge. 

It’s also a great spot to watch planes flying into the airport. 

Often, you’ll find live music playing, and there’s a bar nearby to grab a drink. 

As I mentioned before, grabbing a pizza from La Matta or having it delivered via Uber Eats makes for a perfect sunset evening at this spot.

Other viewpoints worth checking out include Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Miradouro de Graça, and Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara. 

Tejo Bar

Madonna playing at Bar Tejo
Madonna playing at Bar Tejo

Tejo Bar in Alfama is the perfect choice for an evening that’s both relaxed and uniquely captivating. Known for its excellent jazz, folk, and gypsy music, this cozy venue promises an unforgettable experience. 

However, due to its small size, be ready to wait in line if you visit on a weekend, especially later in the evening. The wait is definitely worth it for the intimate and magical atmosphere you’ll find inside.

This venue is a hidden gem in Lisbon, where the focus is truly on the art. 

Conversations are saved for the intervals, allowing the music to take center stage. 

I’ve been visiting Tejo Bar for years, and it never fails to surprise with its spontaneous and enchanting performances. 

Musicians, sometimes even famous ones incognito, gather here to share their passion, often using instruments from the walls or bringing their own. They sometimes even encourage audience participation.

Remember, clapping isn’t the norm here. Instead, appreciation is shown in more subtle ways, adding to the unique charm of Tejo Bar. 

It’s a place where the soul of Lisbon’s music scene truly comes to life, offering a truly unforgettable night!

Wed-Mon: 6 PM-2 AM; Tue: Closed. 1100 451, Beco do Vigário 1A, 1100-613 Lisboa, Portugal,

Relaxing Night Activities

Evening Spa Experiences

Eco Massage Lisbon
Eco Massage Lisbon

I took my girlfriend for a massage at Eco Massage Lisbon after reading the reviews and seeing the high Google rating. 

I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed with the experience. We went to the branch in the city center, and while the massage rooms were quite small, I was really pleased with everything else. 

Upon arrival, we were offered tea, asked to take off our shoes, and enjoyed the calming music and gentle scent. I paid €40 for a 1-hour deep tissue massage, which was great value. 

My girlfriend had a nice experience too, despite the masseuse giving her a head massage and turning her beautiful long blonde hair into one big dreadlock!   

So, if you have long hair and don’t want a dreadlock, give the masseuse a heads-up beforehand 🙂

10am – 10pm. R. dos Fanqueiros 110, 1100-232 Lisboa, Portugal,

Night Photography Spots

As I’ve mentioned earlier my personal favorite spot for nighttime photography in Lisbon has to be Miradouro Senhora do Monte. 

It offers an incredible panoramic view of the city, where to the left, you can see the Church of Graça and the Castle, with houses cascading down the hillside.

In the distance, the river and the Tagus estuary shimmer, casting a luminous glow over the rooftops in Baixa, the ruins of Carmo, and the pastel hues of Avenidas Novas. 

The bridge in the backdrop, along with planes flying into Aeroporto de Lisboa, adds to the scene. 

On a dark night, the combined lights of the bridge, planes, and houses create a stunningly lit environment.

Here are some other notable mentions: 

  • Pink Street
  • Convento do Carmo 
  • Alfama area
  • Torre de Belem

Family-Friendly Night Activities

Outdoor Movie Nights

the black cat cinema
Black Cat Cinema
  • Alfama Rooftop Cinema (Cine Society Lisbon): Located in the Alfama neighborhood, this cinema offers stunning views of Lisbon’s historic architecture and the Tagus River. It features a range of films from classics to contemporary hits, all under a starlit sky with São Jorge Castle in the backdrop.
  • Cine Bela Vista: A vintage cinematic experience dating back to 1943 in Sete Rios. This open-air cinema blends old-world charm with a mix of Portuguese classics and international favorites, offering a nostalgic movie experience under the stars.
  • Black Cat Cinema: In central Lisbon, this outdoor cinema is known for its selection of classic, independent, and cult films. Its intimate setting with cozy, vintage decor offers a unique movie-watching experience under the night sky.
  • Estrela Garden (Cine-Estrela): Set amidst nature, this cinema in Estrela Garden is perfect for a tranquil movie night. Surrounded by trees and flowers, it screens feel-good and family-friendly movies, ideal for picnics and moonlit cinematic enjoyment.

Seasonal and Special Events

Festivals and Seasonal Events

Festas de Santo António
Festas de Santo António

If you’re in Lisbon around June 12, I highly recommend experiencing the Feast of Santo António. The historic neighborhoods of Alfama, Castelo, Bica, Bairro Alto, and Madragoa come alive with music, dance, and the irresistible aromas of grilled sardines, complemented by wine and beer. These local street parties, known as arraiais, are Lisbon’s most vibrant and exciting celebrations. 

Starting at 9pm, Avenida da Liberdade becomes a spectacle of dancers and music, hosting a parade where Lisbon’s traditional neighborhoods showcase their meticulously prepared choreographies in a friendly competition. 

These celebrations continue throughout the night until sunrise, with the entire city coming together in a joyous and lively atmosphere. The next day is a public holiday in Lisbon, allowing everyone to rest and reflect on the night’s festivities.

Additional Experiences

Exploring with Whoosh E-Scooters

Distinctive yellow Whoosh Scooters
Distinctive yellow Whoosh Scooters

I definitely suggest renting an e-scooter for exploring Lisbon if you can. My go-to choice is always Whoosh. They seem to have the best suspension, which is a real advantage on the city’s uneven roads and cobbled streets. Plus, they’re quite affordable – you can get one for the entire day for just €5. It’s a convenient and fun way to see the city at night.

⭐️ Insider Tip: Consider renting an e-scooter in the heart of Lisbon and take a ride along the Tagus River. It’s especially beautiful in the early evening and at night when the area is illuminated with bright lights, creating a picturesque setting for your journey.

Dining on Rua da Silva

Yassa Poulet at Mambo restaurant in Lisbon
Yassa Poulet at Mambo restaurant in Lisbon

Green Street Lisbon, nestled in the city’s downtown, is a picturesque and serene alley. This charming walkway, adorned with plants and flanked by old buildings and quaint shops, offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle. It’s a treasure trove of unique local stores and a diverse array of international cuisine.

One standout spot on Green Street is Mambo, an African restaurant that’s perfect for either lunch or dinner. Located in the vibrant Rua da Silva, Mambo serves up an authentic and enjoyable African dining experience. 

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, thanks to the friendly staff who ensure every guest feels welcome. The flavors are genuinely Senegalese, offering a solid and memorable culinary journey.

A must-try is the Yassa chicken meal – a tender, savory chicken leg that practically melts in your mouth, served in a hearty and flavorful broth. For those seeking plant-based options, Mambo also offers popular vegan dishes.

Thu, Fri, Sat, Tue, Wed: 1 PM-11 PM; Sun, Mon: Closed. R. da Silva n8, 1200-447 Lisboa, Portugal.

Wrapping up

And there you have it, my comprehensive guide on “What to Do in Lisbon at Night.” I hope you find it helpful for your nocturnal adventures in the city. 

If you have any personal tips or favorite spots of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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