A beautiful panoramic view overlooking Monstano park in Lisbon

Discovering Lisbon’s Parks and Gardens: The City’s Natural Wonders

Lisbon, known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, is also famous for its beautiful parks and gardens. These tranquil spaces offer perfect spots for relaxation and leisure. Here’s a guide to some of the must-visit ‘Lisbon’s parks and gardens’ in Portugal’s captivating capital.

Parque Eduardo VII

Named after King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, this large park is located near the Marquês de Pombal Square. The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, and a stunning view of the city from the top of the park. Don’t miss the Estufa Fria, an indoor greenhouse with a variety of exotic plants, ponds, and birds.

Parque Eduardo VII Glisphoto
Parque Eduardo VII

Jardim da Estrela

A popular spot among locals, Jardim da Estrela is a charming garden located across from the Basilica da Estrela. With its shaded walkways, picturesque ponds, and lovely cafés, this park is perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a romantic stroll.

A group of women walking through Estrela Park in Lisbon
Jardim da Estrela

Jardim Botânico

Nestled in the Príncipe Real neighborhood, Lisbon’s Botanical Garden is home to a vast collection of plants from around the world. This peaceful oasis is ideal for nature enthusiasts, featuring various sections dedicated to different flora, such as cacti, succulents, and tropical plants.

Beautiful overview of the Jardim Botanico  D Ajuda in Lisbon
Jardim Botanico Garden

Parque das Nações

Once the site of the 1998 World Exposition, Parque das Nações is a modern, waterfront park located in the northeastern part of Lisbon. The park offers a mix of green spaces, architectural marvels, and attractions such as the Oceanário de Lisboa, Europe’s largest indoor aquarium. Enjoy a walk or bike ride along the Tagus River or take a ride on the cable car for panoramic views.

Jardim do Príncipe Real

This small yet delightful garden is situated in the heart of the trendy Príncipe Real neighborhood. The park features a unique, centuries-old cypress tree and a children’s playground, making it an ideal spot for families. On Saturdays, you can also visit the nearby organic market and flea market.

02 principe real garden getlisbon
Principe Real Garden

Parque da Quinta das Conchas

Located in the Lumiar neighborhood, Parque da Quinta das Conchas is a spacious park perfect for outdoor activities like jogging, picnicking, or cycling. The park features a large central lawn, various sports facilities, and a lovely pond with ducks and swans.

Jardim do Torel

Tucked away on a hill in the São Jorge de Arroios neighborhood, Jardim do Torel offers a tranquil retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. The park features a small pond, a playground, and several benches, providing a serene setting for relaxation. Enjoy the stunning views of Lisbon from this hidden gem.

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Jardim Do Torel

Parque Florestal de Monsanto

Spanning over 2,400 acres, Monsanto Forest Park is often referred to as Lisbon’s “green lung.” This expansive park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching. Don’t miss the scenic viewpoints like Miradouro do Penedo and Miradouro Keil do Amaral for breathtaking views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.

monsanto lisbon
Parque Florestal Monsanto

Jardim da Quinta da Alagoa

Located in Carcavelos, just outside Lisbon, Jardim da Quinta da Alagoa is a spacious park featuring a variety of amenities, such as walking paths, picnic areas, sports facilities, and a playground. It’s an ideal destination for a leisurely day trip or a family outing.

Jardim do Campo Grande

This large, historical park is situated near Lisbon’s university campus and offers a serene setting for relaxation and sports activities. Jardim do Campo Grande features a picturesque lake with swan-shaped pedal boats, a playground, and several cafés.

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Jardim do Campo Grande

Parque José Gomes Ferreira

Nestled in the Alvalade neighborhood, Parque José Gomes Ferreira is a lush, green park that provides a peaceful retreat for locals and visitors alike. The park features walking and cycling paths, tennis courts, and a playground, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts and families.

Jardim da Quinta dos Azulejos

This hidden gem, located in the Benfica neighborhood, is a small 18th-century garden surrounded by beautiful azulejo (ceramic tile) panels. Jardim da Quinta dos Azulejos is not as well-known as other parks in Lisbon, but its historical charm and picturesque setting make it worth a visit.

Jardim da Quinta dos Azulejos

Parque da Belavista

Situated in the Chelas neighborhood, Parque da Belavista is a large urban park featuring a variety of recreational options, such as playgrounds, sports courts, picnic areas, and walking paths. The park is also home to the popular summer music festival Rock in Rio Lisboa.

Tapada das Necessidades

Once a royal park, Tapada das Necessidades is a hidden gem located in the Estrela neighborhood. The park features a beautiful, abandoned palace, an orangery, and a greenhouse. Although parts of the park are in disrepair, its unique atmosphere and historical charm make it an intriguing place to explore.

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Ducks at Tapada das Necessidades park

Jardim do Ultramar

This small, tropical garden is located in Belém and is dedicated to Portugal’s former overseas territories. Jardim do Ultramar offers a tranquil setting filled with exotic plants and a pond, making it a perfect spot for a quiet stroll or a break from sightseeing.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape, a romantic setting, or a family-friendly spot for outdoor fun, Lisbon’s parks and gardens offer something for everyone. Take the time to explore these green oases during your visit to Portugal’s captivating capital, and discover the city’s natural beauty.

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