Lisbon to Ericeira 2024: The Best Travel Hacks

Hello fellow explorer! Having called this small fishing village home for three years and journeyed countless times between these two gems, I’ve sampled it all: buses, cars, and yes, taxis. Personally, nothing beats the convenience of a private transfer, zipping through the scenic routes, and landing right in the midst of this amazing World Surfing Reserve. But hey, everyone has their own style. So, whether you’re looking for budget options, speed, or the freedom of your own vehicle (I’ve got some top-notch free parking tips for you), I’ve jotted down everything I’ve learned to ensure a smooth ride. Let’s dive in!

The Beautiful Praia do Sul, Ericeira
The Beautiful Praia do Sul, Ericeira

Taxi from Lisbon to Ericeira

Travel time: 40m, €20-€55

Taking a taxi between Lisbon and Ericeira is the most convenient option and in my opinion the best way, it’s hard to beat a short drive in a taxi, especially when you’re laden with lots of luggage or wrapping up a late evening in Lisbon. Plus, when you split the fare with a couple of travel mates, it’s often more economical than you’d think. From my experience, taxi fares have ranged between a manageable €20 and €55, largely dependent on your starting point, departure times, and traffic conditions. 

Starting from the airport tends to be a bit costlier than from the city’s heart. And as with most major cities, the time you choose to travel can impact the fare.

If you’re landing in Lisbon, it’s beneficial to schedule your taxi in advance. Not only does this help you avoid potential fare surges during peak landing times, but it also ensures a seamless transition from plane to car. I’ve often booked my taxi right after navigating through immigration, so by the time I reach the pickup area, my ride is ready.

In terms of taxi services, while Uber is well-known, Bolt often offers more competitive rates in Lisbon. Additionally, the FreeNow app is another taxi-hailing service worth checking out. Each platform varies in price, so it’s beneficial to compare them before making a decision.

One crucial tip I’d like to add: When traveling by taxi from Lisbon to Ericeira, always inform your friendly driver (I hope!) to take the toll road. Opting out of the tolls might seem like a cost-saving idea, but it can extend your journey by a good 30-45 minutes, and even longer during peak traffic times. So, for a quicker and more efficient ride, it’s a good idea to take the toll road.

Bus from Lisbon to Ericeira 

Journey duration: 1hr-1.5hr

There’s no train service to Ericeira. Instead, the Carris Metropolitana operates a regular bus service from Lisbon’s Campo Grande bus terminal, it’s a convenient alternative for those not renting a car. This terminal is just outside the Campo Grande metro station (serviced by both green and yellow lines) and sits opposite the Alvalade XXI/Sporting Lisbon Stadium. Here is the location map for the bus terminal. Below, you’ll find a location map for Bay 22, the quickest direct bus route to Ericeira.

If you want to travel Ericeira to Lisbon the Ericeira bus stop is located outside the Campo Grande metro station in Lisbon, opposite the Sporting Lisbon Stadium.
The Ericeira bus stop is located outside the Campo Grande metro station in Lisbon, opposite the Sporting Lisbon Stadium.

Now, navigating the bus numbers can be slightly overwhelming, but let me simplify it for you:

  • Fastest Route & Best Option: The 2801 bus departing from Bay 22 (Location Map) is your speediest option, taking just 45 minutes via a highway to Ericeira, bypassing Mafra. The catch? It’s weekday-only for most of the year, though summer sees a few weekend services.
  • Mafra Detour: If Mafra’s on your list, take 2803 from bay 23; it stops there before terminating in Ericeira, totaling an hour for the full trip. On the other hand, the 2802 from the same bay only goes as far as Mafra, taking 35 minutes. For more frequent services to Mafra, especially on weekdays, hop on the 2804 from bay 24; it uses the highway partially and reaches Mafra in about 45 minutes.
  • Extended Journeys: The 2751 bus from bay 24 can be your ride to Ericeira but expect it to take about 90 minutes because of multiple stops. It’s not the top pick if you’re watching the clock.
  • Other Options: Bus 2805 heading to the village of Encarnação does stop in Mafra and starts from bay 24. Another choice from the same bay is 2704, reaching Ericeira bus terminal in approximately 70 minutes, including weekend services.

For the latest bus schedules and to view the Ericeira bus timetable, don’t forget to head to the Carris Metropolitana website. Alternatively, you can use the Moovit app (IOS) (Android).

Lisbon to Ericeira Bus Tickets

Purchasing a bus ticket for a single journey to Ericeira will cost you €6.40. You can buy this directly from the driver, but remember they only accept cash. If you’re short on notes, you’ll find an ATM at Campo Grande station. Planning to visit Mafra Palace? Give the driver a heads-up, and they’ll let you know the right stop. If you’re headed straight for Ericeira’s stunning beaches, simply stay on the bus until its final destination. Also, if you possess the monthly Navegante card, your ride is free.

Ericeira Bus Terminal

Upon arrival in Ericeira, you’ll find yourself at the Parque Intermodal da Ericeira more or less in the center of town. It’s situated on Rua Alto da Camacha and is roughly a 10 to 15-minute stroll from its most central beach, Praia dos Pescadores.

From Lisbon Airport to Ericeira Bus Terminal

Hitting Ericeira straight from your flight? Here’s a quick guide: From Lisbon Airport, grab the metro — the station’s conveniently located right outside the arrivals terminal. The airport’s metro station operates on the Red Line. You’ll need to switch to the Green Line at Alameda to reach Campo Grande. From there, choose your bus to Ericeira and you’re on your way!

Driving from Lisbon to Ericeira 

Choosing to drive from Lisbon to Ericeira provides the most flexibility. Renting or owning a car lets you dictate your own schedule and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the journey.

Highway or No Highway? The Choice is Yours.

Via the A8 Highway: This is the faster option, taking about 30-45 minutes of portugal driving time. There’s a road toll involved, costing around €2.90 for a standard car. If you’re renting a car your rental agency might offer you two payment modes for tolls:

  • Pay-per-use: You’re billed for each toll you cross.
  • Flat fee upfront: A one-time payment gives you unlimited access to toll roads.

Ensure you’re clear on your rental agency’s toll policy during check-in. Many cars come equipped with the “Via Verde” system, which lets you breeze through tolls without stopping. If you opt for this, the toll fees will be billed to you later. A word of caution though: If your car doesn’t have Via Verde, keep some change handy. Some foreign credit cards don’t work at these toll booths, and you wouldn’t want to get stuck!

Toll booth: Ensure you have a functioning card or cash ready!
Toll booth: Ensure you have a functioning card or cash ready!

Off the Beaten Path: If you’re not in a rush and wish to soak in more of the Portuguese landscape, consider the non-highway route. Yes, it takes longer – a bit over an hour – but it’s an authentic experience many locals prefer. This route is also toll-free. To embark on this journey, just toggle the “avoid tolls” option on Google Maps.

Driving Tips & Essentials:

  • International Driver’s License: If you hail from outside the EU or UK, you might need an International Driver’s License to rent a car in Portugal. Check in advance to avoid any surprises.
  • Google Maps is Your Friend: It provides accurate directions and helps you sidestep tolls if that’s your preference.
  • Autumn & Winter Drives Can Be Tricky: If you’re venturing out at night during the colder months, especially on toll roads, brace yourself for potential challenges. As you near the coast, dense fog is likely to greet you, significantly reducing visibility. Certain stretches of the highway aren’t adequately lit, adding another layer of difficulty. It’s essential to stay alert and proceed with caution!

While driving in Portugal, you might notice a distinctive local trait: smaller roads often bustle with activity, while highways remain relatively free. This is a testament to the local preference to avoid tolls and take scenic routes. So, in a way, choosing the non-toll roads lets you experience Portugal the way the Portuguese do! 

Parking in Ericeira 

Finding a parking spot can be a challenge, especially during the bustling summer months. Try the municipal parking lots. They tend to be your most reliable option. A bit of a walk to your destination might be in order, but it’s a splendid way to explore the town centre.

For those in the know, the Continente offers ‘free parking’ – it’s my go-to, especially when Ericeira gets crowded in the summer. Another gem is Largo Conde Da Ericeira, which provides complimentary parking, although during peak season, it fills up quickly. Venturing towards the north side of Ericeira can also be rewarding. Plenty of free spots await you there.

Ericeira Beach Bus: Your Summer Ride

Navigated from Lisbon without wheels? Ericeira’s summer months present the Ericeira Beach Bus, offering a seamless way to experience the town without resorting to taxis. Normally, public transportation in Ericeira doesn’t cater to beach enthusiasts. That changes between the 15th of June and the 15th of September.

The Ericeira beach bus
The Ericeira beach bus

This public bus operates hourly from 9:10 am to 8:10 pm, starting from the bus terminal above Ericeira. It’s a great option offering a quick drive to most places, covering popular spots from Foz do Lizandro in the south to Ribeira Dilhas in the north across 38 stops. However, it bypasses the beautiful beaches of São Julião and north of Ribeira.

A one-way ticket is priced at 1 Eur. Frequent riders can opt for a 10-ride or monthly pass. Added bonuses? Enjoy onboard wifi and a free trailer for your surfboard.

For precise timings, Apple users can access the Ericeira Beach Bus app (only IOS), which provides real-time GPS tracking of the bus.

And there you have it! From the bustling streets of Lisbon to the serene vibes of Ericeira, you’re all set. Whether you’re chasing the waves, craving some seafood, or just eager to wander, Ericeira embraces you with open arms.

Do you have any travel nuggets of your own? What are your top tips for journeying from Lisbon to Ericeira? We’d love to hear in the comments below. Safe travels and catch you on the next adventure! 

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