Obidos Christmas Market

Top 3 Christmas Markets in Lisbon 2024

Lisbon might not be as famous for its Christmas Markets as some cities in France, Germany or England, but it still offers a variety of festive markets worth exploring if you’re in the holiday spirit.

In this short guide I’ll share with you my list of Top 3 Christmas Markets in Lisbon. 

💎 Pro Tip: I’ve created a Google Maps list pinpointing the Christmas Markets listed in this guide. To have it at your fingertips, simply ‘Save the Lisbon Christmas Markets’ List to Your Google Maps‘. Now, wherever you are in the city, the best of Lisbon Christmas is just a tap away.

Rossio Square Christmas Market

Rossio Square Christmas Market - Christmas Markets in Lisbon
Rossio Square Christmas Market


📍Rossio Square Christmas Market Google Maps Location


The Rossio Square Christmas Market in Lisbon is a personal favorite of mine, especially since it’s just a short walk from where I live. From November 18th to December 21st, the enchanting Christmas atmosphere comes alive in Baixa-Chiado. 

This is the perfect place to stroll, shop for gifts, and immerse yourself in the festive spirit amidst a backdrop of celebration and fun.

This year, the festivities kick off on November 18th at 6 pm with the opening of the traditional Rossio Christmas Market at Praça do Rossio. 

Expect something extra special this year, with dazzling special lighting and an expansion that doubles the number of charming wooden stalls, showcasing handcrafted items and the delightful tastes of our local cuisine.

Aerial view of Rossio Christmas Market
Aerial view of Rossio Christmas Market

The event, organized by ADBP, also includes the Hospital das Bonecas Christmas Exhibition, showcasing a vast collection of dolls from this historic store. 

Adding to the charm is the Christmas Train, a hit with kids and adults alike, which will be touring the streets of Baixa from November 18th to December 18th, and it’s free to ride!

Visitors to the market can also enjoy a unique exhibition of Christmas-themed shop windows created by students from the Lisbon School of Commerce. 

And, to add to the festive ambiance, Baixa Lisboeta will host performances by folk groups, academic tunas, and philharmonic bands.

The Rossio Christmas Market made a much-anticipated return to Praça Dom Pedro V, commonly known as Rossio, on November 19th, and will be open until December 19th. 

We’ve particularly missed this market, as it was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The market features a variety of food vendors, Nikolaus, gift sellers, and even a free train for navigating around Baixa. 

A short stroll up the street from Rossio Square to ward Baixa Chiado you will find Armazens do Chiado Shopping Mall.
A short stroll up the street from Rossio Square to ward Baixa Chiado you will find Armazens do Chiado Shopping Mall.

From here, you can explore over 1500 shops in the Baixa area and easily make your way to Praça Commerçio to see the stunning 30-meter tall Christmas tree.

For more details on the program and events, visit:

Wonderland Lisboa Christmas Market

Wonderland Lisboa Christmas Market
Wonderland Lisboa Christmas Market


📍 Wonderland Lisboa Christmas Market Google Maps Location 


Parque Eduardo VII, less than 2 kilometers walk from Rossio Square in the heart of Lisbon, becomes the city’s most beloved Christmas destination. 

If you find yourself having experienced all that the Rossio Square Christmas Market has to offer, this is definitely your next stop. 

The park transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with an ice rink, a variety of stalls selling handcrafted products, a giant Ferris wheel, Santa Claus’s house, and often, live music and performances on stage. 

The availability of an ice rink varies each season, so it’s something to look out for.

Getting there is a breeze – just hop on the metro and head to either the Parque or Marques de Pombal stop. 

This place truly captures the essence of Christmas, and I can’t recommend it enough for a magical experience in Lisbon.

For more details and the latest information visit:

Campo Pequeno Christmas Market

Campo Pequeno
Campo Pequeno


📍Campo Pequeno Christmas Market Google Maps Location

💶 €2 

The Campo Pequeno Christmas Market, near the Campo Pequeno metro stop in Lisbon, is a seasonal attraction not to be missed. 

This market, which isn’t permanent but opens for a few days twice during the advent period, charges an entry fee of two euros. With more than 150 stalls, it’s a treasure trove of Portuguese handicrafts and gastronomy.

The market is a celebration of Portuguese culture, featuring unique items from dozens of exhibitors that range from traditional to contemporary. It’s an opportunity to support small traders and find one-of-a-kind gifts.

Gourmet enthusiasts will also find much to enjoy, with a selection of creators offering sophisticated products from the national market. This includes everything from award-winning wines to artisanal cheeses and sausages, as well as homemade jams and other delicacies.

Campo Pequeno’s Christmas Market is split into two parts: from November 30 to December 3, it offers a traditional Christmas market experience with over 90 vendors. 

From December 7 to 10, the focus shifts to a lifestyle and gourmet market, featuring luxury items and unique products from small-scale producers, including craft beer, cheese, gin, and more.

The 2€ entrance fee, which comes with a 1€ discount voucher on purchases above 10€, makes this market a worthwhile visit for a mix of festive shopping and cultural experience.

Praça do Comércio Christmas Tree (Don’t Miss!)

Praca do Comercio Christmas Tree
Praca do Comercio Christmas Tree 2021


📍 Praca do Comercio Christmas Tree Google Maps Location


A must-visit for capturing memories with your family or loved ones is the breathtaking sight of Lisbon’s Christmas Tree at Praça do Comércio.

This gigantic tree, standing tall at 30 meters, is an unmissable landmark in this stunning square. 

For an even more impressive view, I recommend climbing up the Arco da Rua Augusta, which offers a panoramic vista of the square and the majestic Christmas tree.

The area is not only perfect for photo ops but also becomes especially enchanting during the festive season.

Each year, the Christmas tree in Lisbon presents a new face, with its design and height changing annually.

 It’s a point of pride for us that it was once the tallest in Europe, reaching a staggering 76 meters (249 ft) in 2007! So, I’m excited to see what Lisbon has in store for us this year.

Obidos Christmas Market

The distinctive Obidos Castle
The distinctive Obidos Castle


📍 Obidos Christmas Market Google Maps Location

💶 General ticket – €10, General child ticket (3 to 11) – €8, Free for Residents every day – upon presentation of a valid Citizen Card

Obidos, located about 90 kilometers from Lisbon, is reachable by two routes, one being 90 km and the other 110 km. The journey typically takes around 70 minutes. While not in Lisbon, Obidos is a destination I find worth mentioning for its stunning beauty and medieval charm, making it an ideal backdrop for a Christmas market.

Each year, this picturesque village is transformed into an extensive Christmas village, surrounded by the captivating Castelo de Obidos Pousada. The village is not only an enchanting winter attraction with its ice skating rink, Ferris wheel, and merry-go-round, but it’s also perfect for a summer day excursion from Lisbon.

Óbidos Vila Natal
Wonder the streets at Óbidos Vila Natal

The ticket to Obidos’s Christmas village offers a diverse array of attractions:

  • Magic Hall and Sorcerers’ Court featuring shows.
  • Director’s Room for meeting Santa Claus.
  • Bar 3 Wands and Herbology for unique experiences.
  • Potions Laboratory and Giant’s House (Animology) for interactive fun.
  • Enchanted Path (Rovers) and an Icy Ramp for adventure.
  • Trampolines, Face Painting, and Christmas Games for children.
  • Mail Owls for festive communication.
  • Largo Quadrangular food court and Rua Fantástica Christmas market for dining and shopping.

Obidos’s medieval history adds to the charm of these festivities, making it an exceptional venue for a Christmas market and a wonderful day trip from Lisbon.

For more information and to book your ticket visit:

What is there to eat at the Lisbon Christmas Markets? 

Succulent Bifana!
Delicious Bifana at O’Trevo

While exploring Lisbon, especially during the festive season, you’ll come across various typical street foods that you might want to try:

  • Bacalhau: This traditional Portuguese cod dish comes in forms like Bacalhau à Brás (shredded cod with potatoes, onions, and eggs) or Bolinhos de Bacalhau (codfish fritters), often served in street-friendly portions.
  • Bifanas: A staple Portuguese sandwich featuring tender, marinated pork on a fresh roll, which can be topped with mustard or hot sauce for extra flavor.
  • Pasteis de Nata: The famous Portuguese custard tarts, known for their flaky crust and creamy, slightly caramelized filling. The original version from Belem is a culinary highlight.
  • Rabanadas: Portugal’s answer to French toast, made with thick bread slices soaked in milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon, then fried and dusted with powdered sugar.
  • Ginginha: A traditional cherry liqueur, often served in small cups or edible chocolate cups, making for a delightful sip while you meander through the markets.
  • Queijadas: These are small, round cheese tarts with a sweet cheese filling, encased in a delicate pastry crust, usually flavored with cinnamon or lemon.
  • Roasted Chestnuts (Castanhas Assadas): A seasonal favorite, these are roasted over an open fire and served in paper cones, perfect for warming your hands as you wander.

💎 Pro Tip: If you’re looking for the best bifana nearby I’ve got you covered. Check out: A Locals Guide to the Best Bifana in Lisbon: Top 3.

What is there to buy at Lisbon Christmas Markets?

Why not navigate around Lisbon on a Tram during Christmas?
Why not navigate around Lisbon on a Tram during Christmas?

At Lisbon’s Christmas market, you’ll find a wide array of gifts and products that beautifully reflect Portuguese culture and the holiday season. Here are some typical items you might want to buy:

  • Handmade Ceramics and Pottery: Including the renowned Azulejos (decorative tiles), these items are both beautiful and functional, making great gifts or souvenirs.
  • Cork Products: As the world’s leading cork producer, Portugal offers a variety of sustainable cork items like bags, wallets, coasters, and even jewelry.
  • Local Food Products: Explore traditional Portuguese delicacies such as olive oil, honey, jams, canned fish, and cheese – perfect for sharing a taste of Portugal.
  • Handcrafted Jewelry: Discover unique pieces ranging from traditional filigree to contemporary designs, crafted by skilled Portuguese artisans.
  • Traditional Portuguese Textiles: Look for Alentejo blankets, colorful rugs, or embroidered linens, showcasing Portugal’s rich textile heritage.
  • Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments: These ornaments often feature traditional Portuguese designs and make a charming addition to your Christmas tree or a thoughtful gift.
  • Soaps and Fragrances: With a long history in soap and fragrance production, Portugal offers high-quality products that are perfect for gifting or self-indulgence.
  • Local Wines and Spirits: Portugal’s famous for its wines and spirits. Consider a bottle of Vinho Verde, Port, or Ginjinha (cherry liqueur) as a memorable gift or souvenir.

Lisbon Christmas Market Tips 

  • Take an umbrella or be aware of the weather forecast, a lot of the markets are not covered. 
  • The wine you will find to purchase at the stalls is often around €5. If you’re ok with paying that for a small cup then that’s fine. Just thought I’d warn you.
  • Be careful of pickpockets, they’re active around these busy Christmas Market areas. My girlfriend had her iPhone stolen a couple of years ago, it does happen!
  • Cash on hand – A lot of the stalls do not accept international cards. 
  • To avoid parking hassle consider public transport. If you need parking help check out my Cheap and Free Parking in Lisbon Guide
  • Take footwear that does not easily slip on the white Lisbon street tiles. When it rains expect to be skating around 🙂.

Lisbon Christmas Markets 2024 – FAQ

Does Lisbon do a Christmas market?

In Lisbon, the main Christmas market is Wonderland Lisboa, located in Parque Eduardo VII at Marques de Pombal Square. The nearest metro station is Marques de Pombal, just a short walk from the market. Also, visit the Rossio Square Christmas Market for a traditional festive experience.

Is Lisbon worth visiting at Christmas?

During the Christmas season, Lisbon transforms into a festive wonderland, ideal for a holiday visit. This guide will focus on sharing my personal tips for enjoying Lisbon’s Christmas markets, ensuring you make the most of your festive experience in this vibrant city.

What’s on in Lisbon at Christmas?

Rossio Square Christmas Market: Dates TBC

Wonderland Lisboa Christmas Market: Dates TBC

Campo Pequeno Christmas Market: Dates TBC

Praça do Comércio Christmas Tree (Don’t Miss!), Dates TBC

Is December a good time to visit Lisbon? 

Check the weather forecast for clear days, as Lisbon typically offers mild temperatures and a relaxed ambiance during this season. This period might be ideal for a cultural city break, focused more on exploring than just sunbathing. While December and January can be rainy, these months also tend to have fewer tourists, making it a quieter time to visit.

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