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The Ultimate Best Spa in Lisbon Guide for 2024

In Lisbon, a city renowned for its vibrant streets and iconic trams, there’s another luxury that remains somewhat hidden – the best spa in Lisbon scene. As a seasoned traveler and resident, I’ve curated the crème de la crème of spa experiences in this city. Trust me, these selections represent the pinnacle of relaxation, consistently achieving the highest accolades. In a city as captivating as Lisbon, know that these spa havens are its best-kept secrets.

The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon: Indulgence Meets Authenticity – Best Spa in Lisbon

In the heart of Lisbon lies a sanctuary for those seeking a blend of relaxation and luxury: The Vintage Hotel & Spa. This NAU establishment isn’t just a stay; it’s where rejuvenation meets history, right at the footsteps of the lively Avenida da Liberdade.

While the hotel’s location makes it a strategic base for urban explorations, it’s the spa that truly stands out. A retreat within a retreat, if you will.

As you step into the spa, the city’s hustle fades, replaced by an ambiance of tranquility. The all-year-round indoor pool, consistently maintained at a comforting warmth, is perfect for a gentle swim. Feeling more adventurous? Engage in water circuit treatments, designed to invigorate both body and spirit.

The pool area at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon
The pool area at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon

If relaxation is on your mind, you’re in for a treat. The wellness center offers a range of therapies to melt away your stress. From traditional massages to bespoke treatments, there’s something tailored for every guest. Enhancing the experience are the sauna and hammam, perfect detox zones after a day of sightseeing.

For those who equate vacations with staying active, the gym isn’t just an afterthought. It’s comprehensive, well-equipped, and ready for your workout sessions.

Hungry after a day of pampering? Head over to The Blue Restaurant for some traditional Portuguese fare. And if you’re in the mood for a drink, the Lobby Bar, with its selection of cocktails and wines, is the place to be.

The rooftop bar area at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon
The rooftop bar area at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon

Rooms at The Vintage ensure guests continue their luxury experience. Spacious, modern, and with a touch of Lisbon charm, they come complete with amenities that complement the overall spa experience.

In conclusion, if Lisbon is on your radar and a spa-centered stay is what you desire, The Vintage Hotel & Spa might just be your perfect match. From wellness treatments to unmatched hospitality, it’s the epitome of indulgence in the heart of Lisbon.

R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 2, 1250-191 Lisboa, Portugal. You can view the location on this map. Their Spa operates from 10 am – 8 pm. Discover more about the Spa & Gym here. If you’re interested in staying at The Vintage Hotel, you can book a reservation. For any other inquiries, they are available at +351 210 405 400

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa: A Five-Star Riverside Sojourn in the Portuguese Capital

Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Tagus River, the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa stands as an emblem of luxury hotel opulence in the heart of Lisbon’s esteemed Belém district. Revered as one of the best spa hotels in the Portuguese capital, this five-star hotel masterfully intertwines the theme of global discoveries.

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa
Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

Every space within this star design hotel offers more than just lavish accommodation. Guest rooms, adorned with flat-screen TVs, modern bathrooms, and Nespresso machines, not only offer panoramic waterfront views but also come with free WiFi. Their luxury suites, particularly on the upper floor, embody refined luxury.

The gastronomic allure of the Michelin Star-awarded Feitoria Restaurant & Wine Bar remains undeniable. Yet, it’s the BSpa by Karin Herzog, the only exclusive spa of the acclaimed Swiss brand in Portugal, that has been recognised by the world luxury spa award. Here, a selection of spa treatments from therapeutic massages, hot stone massage, and exclusive treatments using natural products promise a great spa experience. The dynamic heated indoor swimming pool, surrounded by water jets and sensory showers, complements the steam baths and a hot tub, ensuring a rejuvenating retreat.

BSpa by Karin Herzog
BSpa by Karin Herzog

Beyond its serene spa area, guests can maintain their wellness regimes in the state-of-the-art fitness centre. After a fulfilling workout, the rooftop bar provides an intimate setting to unwind, offering panoramic views of the São Jorge castle.

Venturing outside, the iconic wonders of Belém are just a stroll away. The hotel’s location is a brief journey from Lisbon’s city centre, with historic quarters like Chiado and Rossio within reach.

In essence, the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa merges Lisbon’s historic charm with modern-day luxuries, making it a perfect place for travellers seeking the best of both worlds. This beacon of luxury, with its excellent service, isn’t just a place to stay—it’s an enchanting experience in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal.

Doca do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal. See the location on the map. For more details, visit the Altis Hotel’s Spa webpage or call +351210400200. If you’re interested in staying at The Altis Hotel, you can book a reservation here.

Olissippo Lapa Palace: A Tranquil Oasis in the Heart of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that beautifully blends modern allure with historical charm. And when it comes to experiencing its luxury, nothing comes closer than the Olissippo Lapa Palace. With its foundations laid in the spirit of Lisbon and a name inspired by the richness of Greek culture, the Olissippo Hotels offer an experience that’s nothing short of magnificent.

Tucked away in a 19th-century architectural marvel, the Lapa Palace isn’t just a hotel; it’s a world in itself. Nestled atop a hill, the palace offers captivating views of the Tagus River. The sub-tropical gardens that surround the property make you feel like you’ve stepped into an Eden in the heart of the city.

The outdoor pool at Olissippo Lapa Palace - Best spa in Lisbon
The outdoor pool at Olissippo Lapa Palace

Let’s talk about the heart and soul of this sanctuary: The Lapa Palace Spa. Stepping inside, you’re transported into an oasis of serenity. Here, relaxation isn’t just promised; it’s an art perfected over time. Breathe deeply and let the sauna and Turkish bath prepare you for the indulgence that awaits. The massage offerings aren’t just treatments but tailored experiences, crafted meticulously to suit the individual needs of each guest.

Not just that, the spa offers an array of facilities designed for holistic wellness. Whether it’s the rejuvenating facial treatments, a session in the steam room, or perhaps some time under the therapeutic light therapy, each moment here is a step towards utter relaxation.

Well equipt gym at Olissippo Lapa Palace
Well equipt gym at Olissippo Lapa Palace

For fitness aficionados, the palace houses a state-of-the-art gym, ensuring your wellness regime remains uninterrupted. Post-workout, plunge into the indoor pool or let the Lisbon sun kiss your skin as you relax by the seasonal outdoor pool. These water retreats are perfect to wash away the fatigue and embrace the day anew.

Now, onto the rooms, where luxury finds a new definition. Bright, spacious, and adorned with marble, every room exudes elegance. While modern amenities keep you rooted in the present, the balconies opening to the Tagus River or the lush gardens transport you to a time of regal splendor.

As the day fades, the culinary journey begins. At Restaurant Hotel Lapa, savor Mediterranean delights paired with the finest regional wines. And during the summertime? Le Pavillion becomes the hotspot. Imagine sipping cocktails by the pool, accompanied by live music under the Lisbon sky. It’s not just dining; it’s an experience.

Rua do Pau de Bandeira 4, 1249-021 Lisboa, Portugal. View the location on the map. They’re open from 10 am to 6:30 pm. For additional details, explore Lapa Palace Hotel’s Spa webpage or contact them at +351 213 949 494. If you’re interested in a stay at Lapa Palace Hotel, you can book a reservation here.

MYRIAD by SANA Hotels’ SAYANNA WELLNESS & SPA: A Riverside Oasis of Relaxation

The SANA Hotels collection is synonymous with luxury, every property a testament to the group’s dedication to exceptional service and enchanting ambiance. Among these, the MYRIAD by SANA shines not just for its architectural elegance beside the Tagus River, but predominantly for its jewel – the SAYANNA WELLNESS & SPA.

Perched serenely on the 23rd floor, the spa is an embodiment of tranquility and rejuvenation. Overlooking the rhythmic flow of the Tagus River, this wellness sanctuary invites you to transcend the mundane and embrace serenity. The carefully curated therapies promise more than mere relaxation; they offer a journey to rediscover oneself.

Inside the MYRIAD by SANA Hotels

Dive deep into their tailored spa offerings. From the warm embrace of the steam room to specialized treatments that cater to your every whim, there’s a promise of rejuvenation in every corner. The spa’s signature facial and body treatments, curated by experts, utilize the best of nature and science to provide an experience that is both therapeutic and luxurious.

But what truly sets SAYANNA apart is its ambiance. Imagine indulging in a deep tissue massage while the vast expanse of the Tagus unfolds before your eyes. Or taking a leisurely dip in their indoor pool, the water’s surface mirroring the vast Lisbon sky. Every element, every detail is designed to offer a holistic experience – one that soothes the mind, body, and soul.


Fitness enthusiasts are in for a treat too. The spa’s fitness center, equipped with modern facilities, ensures that your wellness journey isn’t just about relaxation, but also about invigoration. Whether you’re following your regular regimen or seeking guidance, the space inspires vitality and vigor.

Just steps away from your wellness retreat, the MYRIAD offers additional indulgences. The Michelin-starred restaurant, FIFTY SECONDS, is worth a visit post-spa, where you can nourish your body with gourmet dishes. And the RIVER LOUNGE’s riverside terrace is the perfect spot to continue your relaxation with a refreshing beverage.

Espaço SAYANNA Wellness, R. Cais das Naus 2.21.01, 1990-173 Lisboa, Portugal. Check out the location on the map. They are open from 8:30 am to 9 pm. For more information, visit the Espaço SAYANNA Wellness’s spa webpage or reach out at +351 212 468 688. If you’re keen on staying at Espaço SAYANNA Wellness, you can book a reservation here.

EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel’s SAYANNA WELLNESS & SPA: A Rejuvenating Oasis Amidst Urban Sophistication

Nestled in the heart of the city, between the iconic Amoreiras shopping district and the esteemed Marquês de Pombal square, the EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury. While its prime location, elegant rooms, and gourmet offerings can’t be understated, the hotel’s crown jewel is its exceptional wellness centre, the SAYANNA WELLNESS & SPA.

In partnership with the renowned Aromatherapy Associates brand, SAYANNA spans an impressive 1,700 square meters, offering a hushed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s not just a spa; it’s an oasis of well-being in the urban landscape of Lisbon.

Epic Sana Vitality Swimming pool
EPIC SANA Vitality Swimming pool

Once you step into SAYANNA, you’re enveloped in an environment where every detail is crafted for rejuvenation. With seven private treatment rooms, including an exclusive double spa suite complete with its own luxurious bathtub, the facilities epitomize relaxation. Each treatment, whether it’s a facial or a body wrap, is a testament to SAYANNA’s commitment to holistic wellness.

Water enthusiasts will undoubtedly be drawn to the lap pool, stretching 12 meters and enhanced by soothing waterfalls. Framed by comfortable lounge chairs, it’s an inviting scene for both relaxation and gentle exercise. Beyond the pool, SAYANNA takes its commitment to wellness to the next level with a wet area featuring a sauna, steam room, ice fountain, and invigorating sensorial showers. Whether you’re seeking warmth or a refreshing chill, there’s a haven for every preference.

Of course, SAYANNA isn’t just about relaxation. For those who find their zen in workouts, the wellness centre boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center. Complete with personal training programs and a range of fitness classes, it’s a mecca for those keen to maintain or kickstart their fitness journey.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance of SAYANNA is its rooftop infinity pool. Floating in the pool, with the city skyline as your backdrop, it’s easy to feel miles away from the bustling streets below. It’s a vantage point like no other – a refreshing dip with a view.

The indoor pool at EPIC SANA
The indoor pool at EPIC SANA

In a city as vibrant and bustling as Lisbon, having a retreat like SAYANNA WELLNESS & SPA is truly a luxury. The EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel, with its unique blend of urban sophistication and tranquil relaxation, ensures that your Lisbon experience is nothing short of, well, epic. So, after a day exploring the charismatic Bairro Alto district or shopping at Amoreiras, know that a sanctuary of serenity awaits you at SAYANNA.

Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, 1070-100 Lisboa, Portugal. View the location on the map. The Spa operates from 7:30 am to 9 pm. If you’d like to make a Spa booking or for additional details, explore their information page or call them at +351 211 597 390.

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel’s Wellness Retreat: A Sanctuary in the Heart of Lisbon

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, a luxurious gem in Lisbon’s city center, pays homage to the iconic Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa. While its prime location, chic restaurant, and elegant rooms draw visitors from around the world, it’s the hotel’s world-class spa that truly stands out as an urban sanctuary.

Positioned just 200 meters from the bustling Chiado, the SPA at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is an oasis of serenity amidst the city’s vibrant heartbeat. This adult-exclusive wellness center is meticulously designed to provide guests with an intimate and rejuvenating experience, a haven to escape the city’s pace.

On entering the spa, the tranquil ambiance immediately envelops you. With a wide array of spa facilities on offer, you can curate your relaxation journey as per your preferences. The steam room, renowned for its detoxifying properties, is a perfect start to unwind. For those who want to experience deep relaxation, the spa offers an extensive menu of massage treatments. From a tension-releasing back massage to a soothing foot massage, each therapy is delivered by skilled professionals, ensuring you feel revitalized. Couples can share this indulgent experience with the specially curated couples massage, making it a perfect romantic retreat.

lisboa pessoa spa
Lisboa Pessoa Spa

For those keen on maintaining their fitness regimen while on vacation, the wellness center boasts a state-of-the-art fitness area, complete with personal trainers ready to customize workouts to individual goals. After an invigorating workout, the indoor pool, heated for year-round enjoyment, beckons for a rejuvenating swim.

Beauty treatments are also at the forefront of the spa’s offerings. The skilled therapists offer an array of facial treatments tailored to your skin’s needs, and body treatments like scrubs and wraps ensure you leave your skin glowing and refreshed.

In essence, the SPA at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel isn’t just a place—it’s an experience. It’s where the vibrancy of Lisbon meets the tranquility of top-tier wellness, creating a perfect balance for guests. After a day of exploring the nearby Rossio or enjoying the culinary delights of Restaurante Mensagem, there’s no better place to retreat and recharge than this opulent spa.

R. da Oliveira ao Carmo 8, 1200-309 Lisboa, Portugal. Check the location on the map. They are open from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm. For more details about the spa, please visit their spa webpage or contact them at +351 962 097 783. If you’re keen on staying at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, you can book a reservation here.

Tips to Elevate Your Lisbon Spa Experience

So, you’re all set to dive into relaxation. Just a few tidbits to remember:

  • Booking ahead is always smart. Especially if you’re eyeing those exclusive deals.
  • Hungry post-spa? Combine your spa day with some local gastronomy. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Wrapping this up, Lisbon’s spas are not just places; they’re experiences. They tell tales of the city’s past, present, and future. And as you float in that spa pool or feel the therapist’s magical touch, you realize, the best spa in Lisbon is more than relaxation; it’s about connecting with the city’s very essence.

What’s your take? Got any Lisbon spa secrets to spill? Share the love in the comments below and let us know!

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