The friendly faces at Zubir Restaurant in Lisbon

The Best Piri Piri Chicken Restaurant in Lisbon

I don’t think anyone can question how well the Portuguese do grilled Piri Piri chicken. So I’ve decided to share with you some of my discoveries after sampling a great deal of this amazing food during my four years in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Here is a curated list of the best places I have come across. I’ve tried many more, but they aren’t worth mentioning, as these three are by far the best, with #1 being relatively unknown yet the standout among them.

If you’re like me and you love Piri Piri chicken, I’d be curious to hear your opinions on all three spots. If you do try one or all, let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!

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Discover the Best Piri Piri Chicken Restaurant in Lisbon

In Lisbon, Piri Piri chicken isn’t just food; it’s a cultural icon. And I’ve scoured the city to bring you the best. Here’s my top 3…

Zubir #3

I've always experienced excellent service at Zubir - Is this the best piri piri chicken restaurant in Lisbon?
I’ve always experienced excellent service at Zubir

Location & Ambiance

  • Address: Rua do Zaire 40B, 1170-096 Lisboa, Portugal. A stone’s throw from Anjos Metro Station, nestled just off Almirante Reis in the heart of Lisbon.
  • Setting: Don’t be put off by the outward appearance, Zubir offers an unpretentious and straightforward atmosphere that’s all about the food. It’s a bustling spot that captures the essence of Lisbon’s lively dining scene.
  • Seating: The ambiance is unassuming, yet the place pulses with life, particularly during peak times. You’ll find plenty of seating options both inside and out, flanking either side of the street.
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The Piri Piri Experience

Of course the crispy halal Piri Piri chicken is a must-try for anyone visiting.

Alongside their signature dish, they offer a variety of sides to complement your meal. Besides chicken they also offer Steaks and Kebabs. Check out the variety they have on offer by viewing their full menu

The green spicy sauce is a standout. Zingy with a perfect level of spice. Of course they also offer Ketchup and Mayonnaise. 

The delicious Frango at Zubir
The delicious Frango at Zubir

Why It’s Special

Zubir sets itself apart with its authentic Halal Piri Piri chicken, presenting an ideal option for diners in search of Halal culinary choices.

My Experience of Zubir

Nestled just off Almirante Reis in the heart of Lisbon, a short stroll from Anjos Metro Station, I found myself frequently visiting this restaurant in my early Lisbon days. It’s famed for its crispy halal Piri Piri chicken that’s not only exceptional in taste but also offers great value for money, creating a lively atmosphere during peak hours.

One of my top recommendations is the “Menu Turistico” — a satisfying ensemble of half a Piri Piri chicken, chips, rice, and a drink, all for just €9. The array of sauces, particularly the standout green spicy sauce, is among the many reasons that keep me coming back.

You’ll be greeted with friendly service here, and the wait times are short, both for placing your order and for the arrival of your delectable meal. For a well-rounded feast, try adding a side salad to your chicken and chips; it’s the perfect combination of savory and zesty freshness.

If you’re in the mood to savor this culinary delight at home, take advantage of Zubir’s delivery through the Bolt Food app.

Zubir really is a hidden treasure for those in the know, offering some of the best Piri Piri chicken in Lisbon without any pretense. The option to pay by card is a convenient bonus in such a lively spot. And remember, you can always tailor the Piri Piri spice level to suit your taste buds perfectly.

Insider Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: To beat the rush, aim to arrive before 8 pm and give your name to the staff.
  • Reservation Needed: It’s walk-in friendly, but arriving early during busy hours is recommended.
  • Parking & Accessibility: Conveniently located near public transport, with Anjos Metro Station just a short walk away. There’s on street parking available and also e-scooter parking available nearby. 
  • Due to the lack of air conditioning, inside the restaurant can get very warm during the summer months. 

Contact & Reservations

  • Phone Number: +351 212 412 542
  • Website: Zubir’s
  • Opening Times: 12–3:30 pm & 7–11 pm every day. 

Churrasqueira da Paz #2

The unassuming entrance to Churrasqueira da Paz
The unassuming entrance to Churrasqueira da Paz

Location & Ambiance

  • Address: R. da Paz 80, 1200-319 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Setting: Churrasqueira da Paz offers the quintessential traditional Portuguese dining experience. As a beloved haunt to the locals of Bairro Alto, it greets you with the sizzle and aroma of its open charcoal grill the moment you step inside.
  • Seating: The seating capacity is quite restricted. It’s best to arrive at 7 pm if you’re hoping for a walk-in spot, or brace yourself for the possibility of a queue. Without a reservation, arriving post-7:30 pm on Thursday, Friday & Sunday (closed Saturday) will almost certainly mean a wait, as these are their busiest days.

The Piri Piri Experience

The very talented Grill Master in the background
The very talented Grill Master in the background

The Piri Piri chicken is grilled fresh on the coal fire, offering a personal touch to the dining experience as you watch your meal being prepared.  The presence of a consistent grill master, who’s been a fixture every time I’ve visited, ensures that the chicken is always on point.

Aside from the Piri Piri chicken, the menu boasts an extensive selection of dishes. The Steak and Dourada are personal favorites of mine, both served in generous portions and cooked to perfection. While I haven’t sampled the mixed grill pork plate myself, it comes highly recommended by my friends who swear by its popularity.

You can modify the spiciness of the Piri Piri. They offer Ketchup and Mayo on request. 

Why It’s Special

This spot is a must-visit, not just for its undeniable charm but also for its steadfast commitment to tradition and honesty. Offering excellent value for money, much like every one of the chicken shops in this article, it remains a favorite among locals despite its popularity with tourists, ensuring that it retains its authentic traditional allure.

You can also order juicy Steak at Churrasqueira da Paz
You can also order juicy Steak at Churrasqueira da Paz

My Experience of Churrasqueira da Paz

Churrasqueira da Paz has all the hallmarks of a beloved family-run spot, offering a warm, local atmosphere that’s a welcome break from the usual tourist spots.

As soon as you step inside, the aroma from the prominently placed coal grill welcomes you, and the ever-present grill master—whom I’ve seen on each of my numerous visits – guarantees the chicken’s consistent perfection.

The place is cozy, with seating becoming particularly scarce when there’s a football game on, especially if Benfica or Sporting are playing. To ensure a spot without a reservation, I’ve learned that arriving at 7 pm, right when they open, is the key. Should you plan to dine later, booking ahead is a wise choice.

Here, the service is delightfully Portuguese, genuine and straightforward, with no frills but plenty of heart. 🙂 

The restaurant’s modest dimensions and unassuming decor are more than compensated for by the standout quality of the food. While Piri Piri chicken might be your quest, don’t miss out on the grilled meats or the fish dishes.

When it comes to beverages, the house white wine (only €5 a litre) deserves a special mention, and with main dishes accompanied by sides averaging around €10, the value is incredible.

The delicious Piri Piri Frango at Churrasqueira da Paz
The delicious Piri Piri Frango at Churrasqueira da Paz

I often begin with a plate of cheese and olives. Then of course the chicken, chips, salad, a soft drink. For dessert, the homemade chocolate mousse is not to be missed – do reserve it with your meal to avoid disappointment, as it tends to sell out quickly. 

And finally from my experience the waiters here don’t always speak English, but they do appreciate it when diners make an effort to speak Portuguese. 

So, why not give it a go when ordering? Arm yourself with a friendly “Frango, batata e salada, por favor” (Chicken, chips & salad, please) and, of course, remember to ask for your preferred ‘bebida’ (drink) with a smile. 🙂

Insider Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: For me it’s 7 PM. But again, it depends on whether you would like to walk in or book in advance. 
  • Reservation Needed: Booking ahead is advisable for post-7:30 PM dining (especially on Thursday, Friday & Sunday) to avoid the wait. However, if you do encounter a line, a little patience goes a long way. Rest assured, the service inside is swift, and the staff are exceptionally welcoming. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the wait time—they’re there to help.
  • Parking & Accessibility: Parking is available on the street, though the narrowness of the lanes can make it challenging. Additionally, the compact layout of the restaurant and a step at the entrance might pose difficulties for those with mobility concerns.
  • This is a cash only restaurant. 

Contact & Reservations

Fome De Leāo #1 (My Favorite) 

Fome De Leāo entrance with outdoor seating
Fome De Leāo entrance with outdoor seating

It’s unlikely that many guides will point you towards this gem. After sampling numerous spots, I’m convinced this is the premier destination for Piri Piri Chicken in Lisbon. If your experience suggests otherwise, I’m all ears and eyes — share your thoughts in the comments!

Location & Ambiance

  • Address: Avenida Padre Manuel da Nobrega 9A e, 9B, 1000-193 Lisboa, Portugal. A little out from the city center the nearest Metro is Areeiro or Roma-Areeiro. 
  • Setting:  Fome De Leao champions tradition, though it may not win any awards for its aesthetics. The interior decor leans towards the utilitarian, but it’s the Piri Piri chicken that demands attention and brings us through the doors. And it’s this very dish that earns Fome De Leao top marks on my list, making it my go-to for the best Piri Piri chicken around.
  • Seating:There’s ample seating here, both inside and out. 

The Piri Piri Experience

The Frango meal deal that comes with Chips, Rice and Salad for under €10!
The Frango meal deal that comes with Chips, Rice and Salad for under €10!

I can’t quite pinpoint what they do to the Piri Piri chicken at this place, but it’s outrageously delicious. Setting it apart from the rest on this list, the chicken here is unfailingly juicy, packed with flavor, and has just the right touch of succulence. 

You’re given a choice between spicy and regular — I invariably opt for the regular because, to me, it captures the essence of the flavor perfectly. If you’re inclined towards heat, you can request extra spice on the side. 

My go-to is their meal deal, which includes half a chicken, chips, rice, and salad. And the rice isn’t just any rice; it’s infused with what seems to be a rich chicken broth, and to fully indulge, I usually ask for a side of spicy oil to drizzle over.

I’ve yet to explore the rest of the menu at Fome De Leao simply because the chicken meal deal has captivated my taste buds every single time, whether I’m dining in or ordering through the UberEats app. It’s just that irresistible!

Why It’s Special

As I mentioned before, I’m quite certain that you won’t discover better Piri Piri Chicken anywhere else in Lisbon. I suggest giving it a try on UberEats. At the time of writing, Chicken and Chips are €10 on the app, and cheaper if you dine in the restaurant. 

Every time I’ve placed an order through UberEats, the food has arrived hot and fresh, although I do opt to pay an additional 99 cents for priority delivery.

My Experience of Fome De Leao

Forget opening the bag like a normal person, I need my Frango!
Forget opening the bag like a normal person, I need my Frango!

While I frequently use UberEats for my orders at Fome De Leao, my visits to the restaurant itself have always been met with warm hospitality. On one occasion, I believe I was welcomed by the owner, who was exceptionally friendly and gracious. 

The service here likely surpasses that of the previous two establishments I’ve mentioned. 

Regarding the cost, chicken and chips are priced at €7.50 in the restaurant, which is a bit of a saving compared to the €10 charged on the UberEats app, not accounting for delivery fees.

Insider Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: In all five of my lunchtime visits to the restaurant, I’ve found ample space to be comfortably accommodated. It tends to be a quieter spot, not particularly bustling with patrons.
  • Reservation Needed: From what I’ve seen during my visits, reservations aren’t necessary, though I’ve only been there for lunch and can’t speak for the evening crowd.
  • Parking & Accessibility: Ample car parking is available nearby, and there’s even an e-scooter parking area just across the street from the restaurant. The establishment is accessible for those with mobility challenges, but be aware that accessing the restroom requires navigating stairs.
  • Card is accepted
  • They’re available to order on UberEats, Glovo, & Bolt Food. I’d recommend UberEats because of the ability to pay for priority delivery which means it will arrive fresh and hot.
  • I’d also recommend trying their bifanas, very juicy and the bread is soft!

Contact & Reservations

So there you have it – your insider’s guide to the best Piri Piri chicken restaurants in Lisbon. 

Each restaurant offers a unique twist on this classic dish, but they all share one thing: a passion for flavor that will keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Lisbon’s Piri Piri chicken adventure awaits!

Do you have any hot tips on Piri Piri chicken spots in Lisbon that I missed? Share your fiery finds in the comments!

Piri Piri Chicken Restaurants in Lisbon – FAQs

What is Piri Piri chicken made of?

Portuguese Piri Piri chicken is a fiery dish made from chicken marinated in a spicy mixture of piri piri chilies, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, and herbs, then grilled until crispy. The marinade’s heat and flavor are deeply influenced by African cuisine, and while recipes vary, the essential piri piri chilies give this dish its signature kick. It’s typically accompanied by rice, salad, or fries.

Is Piri Piri chicken healthy? 

Piri Piri chicken, when grilled and served without the skin, is a healthy option rich in protein and low in calories. The spicy marinade, featuring chilies and garlic, adds flavor without unhealthy additives and may offer metabolic and anti-inflammatory benefits. For a healthier meal, pair it with vegetables or a salad instead of high-calorie sides, and be mindful of portion sizes and the amount of salt and oil used in preparation.

Does Lisbon have Nandos? 

Nando’s hasn’t established itself in Portugal because its main offering, roast chicken, is a staple meal widely available across the country. You’ll encounter this beloved dish everywhere, from humble takeout spots to trendy eateries—there’s simply no niche for Nando’s to fill here!

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